Thanks for taking the time to find out about us.

We have a statement that sums up what we’re about:

Seeking to be a caring and relevant, Jesus focused community for all

Seeking: We don’t claim to be perfect and have all the answers, but we’re willing to join you as you ask the big questions of life.

Caring: We try to offer a place where you feel valued and cared for.

Relevant: Many people have no background in church so it can all seem a bit weird and intimidating. We try to provide an environment that makes sense to those not used to church, exploring issues that are relevant to modern life.

Jesus Focused: We’re Christians, meaning we follow Jesus Christ. We realise that can sound pretty odd but hope to explain why we think he is such a big deal. You’ll find out more about him here, and be able to ask questions. Don’t feel you have to be a Christian to visit us.

Community: Whether you’ve just moved into the village or have been here for years, it’s easy to feel isolated from others in the community. We want to provide an opportunity for you to make new friends and have fun.

For All: Whatever your age or background, we’re here for all people. We aren’t just here for those who come to our church. So if you need a listening ear but aren’t keen on church then still get in touch. We’d like to help, with no strings attached.