Part of my viewing on TV recently has been two documentaries about different people in the music industry. I wouldn’t;t identify as a fan of either Paloma Faith or Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) but I do like some of their songs. Both documentaries were fascinating. The one with Paloma Faith offered insights what it was like for a women with 10years experience in the industry to go on tour with her baby. The segment with the finance team debating whether to permit a 2nd tour bus just for Paloma and her baby showed the industry still needs to work do regarding equal rights.

The Dave Growl documentary was an interview conducted by Dermont O’Leary. The hour was spent looking back upon Dave’s music career and invited his thoughts upon the significant moments. When they arrived at the point to reflect upon the affect Kurt Cobain’s suicide had upon Dave it was a tender sad moment especially as Dermot related to his own experience of a recent friend’s suicide. 

Documentaries that focus on people in the world of music or TV, film or other areas of public life remind us that the people concerned are human too just like you and me. It’s obvious I know but there seems to a lot in the news and in our newspapers where individuals are vilified and suffer attacks to dehumanise them. It’s worth noticing the language used to speak about individuals who are perceived in a negative light in our newspapers regardless of whether they are royalty or immigrants. I find it all immensely sad.

The start of this month, April is Easter. It’s an important date in the Christian calendar. The narrative reminds us of Jesus who was the victim of a campaign of hate, illegally arrested, faced trial by night, was tortured and then crucified. It is a prime example of the authorities leading the public to vilify and dehumanise. If this was the end of the narrative then Christians wouldn’t;t have much to celebrate. Innocent man who is executed is not really news nor is it unique in history.

What is unique is that Jesus who was crucified, who demonstrated God’s love for us and all of creation is then resurrected by God himself. Christ is risen proclaims that love and forgiveness wins. Love and forgiveness enables a new way to be human where all are seen as created equal in the eyes of the maker.

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