How often do you gaze upwards? The sky contains an abundance of beauty and wonder but busyness often means we only glance and never gaze to see the world above. I am no astronomer, but friends who are have posted on social media amazing images including partial eclipses and a pink moon. During the daytime through the season of the pandemic I have noticed the sky to be a brighter blue, a result I am informed of there being less air traffic.

What has captured my attention is the activity of birds flying above and their song. The tuneful tweets seem to revel that the sky is less full from human flying machines and the roads below have not been spewing out so much pollution. We know all this will change in the months ahead as life returns to familiar ways. Perhaps it is worth noticing now before the blue skies fade and the bird song subsides?

One afternoon last week as I peered out of my office window I spotted a Red Kite circling and hovering over the houses in my road. What it had seen as it glided effortlessly I will never know but it was beautiful to watch. The Red Kite so elegant and majestic and I didn’t see it flap it’s wings once. There seemed to be an ease and being at peace with simply trusting in the air current to sustain it. 

Over the last 18 months we have had plenty of opportunities to be still. The familiar words in Psalm 46 encourage us to not only to take hold of these times but also to know God in them. This maybe considered fairly straightforward to do when life is non-active around us, but this Psalm is about knowing stillness and God when the world around feels like it is coming apart. In these situations I tend to flap my wings more furiously not less but the Red Kite reminds us of the goodness of God. If we were to hold out our arms and allow the current of God’s goodness sustain us and uphold us. To trust Him rather than frantically trying to do it all in our own strength. 

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