The film Jerry Maguire stars Tom Cruise as the title character, a sports agent who gets fired from his company and then only has one athlete left to represent. A footballer played by Cuba Gooding Jr. The film focuses on the relationship between Cruise and Gooding Jr who try to navigate the world of the professional American Football which is run by corporate big money.

There’s one scene where Cruise is in his car with the radio loudly playing the Tom Petty Song, ‘Free Fallin’. Apart from the song being a classic it is the soundtrack to a moment of uninhibited joy. Cruise is singing (I think he relies like me on the bible verse that says “make a joyful noise” rather than a tuneful one!) with the car window down on a fine summers day, simply allowing himself to express and feel this sense of joy. I love this moment in the film.

I too have moments similar to this when I let the music play loud and I join in with it to express a sense of joy. My singing doesn’t bless too many people and so I tend to allow these moments when I am on my own! I guess many of us have not been able to express un-inhibited joy very much in the last 18 months. Maybe you are beginning to experience these situations again now? Meeting up with family and friends or participating in activities which were once put on hold. Joy is often found in the little things, the simple things in life and we have learnt to appreciate again.

Expressing joy is a spiritual experience as well. The Psalmist says the password to God’s presence is ‘gratitude’. Being grateful enables us to also feel a sense of joy about the good in our lives. The next time you feel ready to express a real sense of joy or gratitude perhaps you might sense this is also a way to meet with God? For when we do the Bible says that God speaks a greater sense of joy and delight over us, no matter who we are. In fact the Bible says God delights in you and me!

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