What Sort of Music do you Use at the Church?

We have a variety of music in our church. Some songs are led on the piano or by using special CD’s. We try to mix the best of the old and new songs in our services and hope to develop our music ministry in the future.

If I Visit Once, do you Expect Me to Come All the Time?

Sometimes people get put off visiting a church because they think they will be expected to attend it from then on. While we value regular attendance at church and see it as being a very important factor in getting to know God we do not wish to pressure anyone to come when they dont want to! We would rather someone visited occaisonally than not at all.

What Should I Wear?

Come in whatever you feel comfortable in.

Are Children Welcome?

Children are very welcome to join us. We usually have a short children’s talk in the service which is aimed at young people and is interactive and fun. We can provide an optional stream of childrens activites in our small but growing Sunday School for those who are interested. If you have younger children and are concerned about the noise they might make then we do have a quiet room which has the sound from the service wired through, so you don’t have to miss out. However, do feel free to stay in the main service if you like. We are very open to children here, so we don’t expect children to be completely silent!

What is Communion and Should I Take It?

Communion is a special event for Christians to remember what Jesus did for us on the cross. It involves the breaking of bread and wine as a visual reminder of the crucifixion. Communion is open to all Christians. If you are not a Christian or are simply investigating Christianity then it makes sense not to take it and use the time to reflect on the death of Jesus and what it might mean to you.

If you are struggling to forgive someone we would also suggest you spend the time in prayer and contemplation rather than take the bread and wine. Forgiveness is not easy but is essential to our spiritual health. We would be happy to pray and talk with you if this is a struggle for you.

We leave the decision to take communion or not entirely up to you. No-one will look down on you if you decide to not take it.