Over the period of 3 years, the leaders of all the Chuches in London Colney met regularly together. Part of our discussions included thinking about how we can serve our community better.

Out of these conversations and times together we developed the idea of working on a joint project and setting up a Food Bank.

The idea has been hugely inspired by the FEED Food Bank at the Vineyard Church in St Albans. We are immensely grateful for all their help and support.

Food bank London Colney

On 10th November 2014, the London Colney Food Bank opened.

We welcome anyone who is in need. No vouchers are required.

If you are a new client then please contact us (01727 825 450 or londoncolneybc@gmail.com) beforehand arriving on a Monday.

Dates of when we are open are below, but if you want to ask any questions please feel free to telephone or email.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a delivery service.

Opening Times

The Food Bank is open two Mondays a month from 10-11am on the following dates:

Dates for August & September

                  8th & 22nd August      12th & 26th September

The Food Bank has managed to stay open throughout the pandemic and we couldn’t have done so without the generosity of the local community and our small team of volunteers. With the government restrictions now being fully relaxed we are aiming to build up the service we offer but this will take time as not all our volunteers have returned.

All clients are encouraged to bring with them a list of items they require and we will take your list at the front door and then invite you to collect your bag(s) of food at the back door of the church.

The aim is to be able to invite all clients back into the church to enjoy refreshments at some point but please allow us take more time as we await the return of more volunteers in order to offer refreshments.

We are aware that the existing economic climate is immensely tough for so many and things are not getting better any time soon. The Food Bank is available to anyone in our local community who is struggling and if you are new and would like access to the Food Bank then please contact us before arriving on a Monday (details below).


Donations to the food bank are gratefully received and can be brought to the church whenever the Food Bank is open on Mondays.

To arrange an alternate time please contact Adrian on 01727 825 450.

We can only accept non-perishable items, kitchen and bathroom products.

Unfortunately we can not accept fresh fruit, items requiring refrigeration or frozen goods, clothing items, toys or electronic goods.

Please do not leave any donations at the doors of the church or Manse – thank you.