Our Team



Adrian (Pastor)

London Colney is my first pastorate since finishing Spurgeon's College in the summer of 2011. We have moved here all the way from St Albans which was my church placement during my course! Originally I grew up in Mid Sussex but moved to Croydon so the commute to work in London was easier. My previous jobs include working in Publishing , the Royal Opera House and The Royal Automobile Club. The toughest but most fun challenge was when I gave up work to raise our daughter.


My faith is rooted in the story of Jesus and church for me is where a community of people come together whose lives have also been influenced by this story.  

Elizabeth (Deacon)

My Christian journey started in school, a Presbyterian Mission School. After School I was trained as a Midwife in an Anglican Mission Hospital.Being in a convent with Nuns helped my faith to grow.


In my teenage years I ventured off the 'straight and narrow' but when teh storms of life hit me hard I realised that I was lost from the Lord who sustains me. A bit like the Prodigal Son.


I gave my life back to teh Lord and in Him I find solaceand serenity. My great objective is to try and understand human suffering and to be able to help people in need.