Invisible 6 Days a Week, Incomprehensible the 7th

Recently on the 'One Show' there was a feature on the subject of gratitude. An experiment was conducted when an actress walking around a shopping mall drops her pile of magazines to see how people would respond. When people stopped and helped her pick the magazines up she would then walk off. Afterwards the individuals who had helped were then interviewed and asked about how they felt about not being thanked. They all noticed and commented it felt a bit rude. The point being we all appreciate those two words but not everyone is good at expressing them.


I have lots to be grateful for. We have lots to be grateful for. This month of November we gather as a nation to express our gratitude to those who sacrificed so much in the arenas of war and conflict so we may have our freedom and peace. I also want to express my immense gratitude to everyone who has given to the Churches Together Food Bank during Harvest.


Perhaps we can practice and be more intentional in the weeks to come in saying 'thank you' a bit more? Get into the habit whilst we draw ever nearer to Christmas.


I am thankful to my church, to this wonderful community I get to be part of and yes I am thankful for my family and friends.


If we get stuck in what to be thankful for then I hope you find some inspiration from the video above.