Invisible 6 Days a Week, Incomprehensible the 7th



This took a while to complete. Each evening, for a week, I sat with the instruction book which was as thick and heavy as an encylopedia and spent an hour piecing the little plastic bricks together. The process was rather therapeutic and beat the normal routine of watching TV. When it was finished, I felt a sense of achievement and the time it took increased that feeling of worthwhileness.


My grandpa reminded me often as a young boy that things which take time carry a greater sense of worth and last longer than something offering instant gratification. We find more value in something we have laboured over than if it was just handed to us.


The Christian faith is not about subscribing to a set of rules and sitting back. It's about a relationship with God. The Bible says the Almighty delights in nothing more than when we want to spend time with him. That's right he welcomes you and I to simply say "Here I am"!


This month is the beginning of Lent. An important season in the Christian calendar as it takes us on a journey up to Easter. The narrative is less about chocolate and cute bunnies and more about  the ultimate demonstration of love and sacrifice made by Jesus. It's a story full of twists and turns, betrayal, sinister conspiracies and ends with love breaking through the darkness.


Before we arrive at Easter, we journey through Lent and the point is simple. Carve out some space and time away from the normal routine to sit and be welcomed by the author of life. Then, when Easter does arrive we will find that sense of worthwhile which comes from something we have invested ourselves in. Even greater than building a Lego Death Star!