Invisible 6 Days a Week, Incomprehensible the 7th


Twelve years ago and at the begnning of this month, September, I walked my daughter to school for the very first time. I managed to do so holding back the emotions that come with this moment in life, at least until I got round the corner! Every parent understands what I mean as these experiences never leave us. September 2020 our family moves onto another stage of life as our daughter received her GCSE results over the summer (no space here to comment on the fiasco of how the final exams results were dealt with) and begins a new journey as she starts college. My role has been somewhat reduced to being taxi driver now!


However much we desire s sense of normality in a year which has seen life turned upside down and inside out, the start of a new academic school year includes more anxiety than usual due to the pandemic. Every parent wants school to be a safe place not just for the children and young people but also for the courageous staff and teachers whose voices seemed to have been ignored in the wider public discussion. There's too many unknowable variables to disceren whether the return to school will go ahead as we all hope or if there will be a 2nd wave of the virus to disrupt everything.


Firstly, I want to wish every child and young person, teacher and staff member the very best for not just the weeks and months ahead but also this new year. On behalf of LCBC I hope you all stay safe but also enjoy the times in front of you. I also want to say to all teachers and staff, again on behalf of LCBC that we think you are amazing and appreciate all you do.


Lastly I would like to share some words that Jesus spoke to hs friends. I hope these offer you some comfort especially if you are struggling with anxiety at this time and if you want to talk further about any of the above please feel free to contact me.


"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts ve troubled and do not be afraid."



If you would like to discuss more the themes in the above post or something else concerning the Christian faith feel free to get in touch. Even if you only want to speak to a friendly voice. Please contact us by phone: 01727 825 450 or by email [email protected]