Invisible 6 Days a Week, Incomprehensible the 7th

With the summer drawing to a close we will turn our attention to a new season and Harvest. The tradtion is established worldwide and its history stems back to ancient times. Giving thanks for food the land produces is important. Recognising how our food is grown, nurtured and then prepared for the shops helps us to appreciate the work of farmers as well as the work of nature.


Local schools in past years have given their generous harvest offerings to the Churches Together Food Bank. Many people struggle to get by each month. Too many find they cannot get by. The Food Bank helps those in our community who are struggling whether it is only for one month or a much longer period of time. The local churches who run the Food Bank want to say we hear your problems and difficulties and want to communicate we care. If you want to know more about the Food Bank then please contact me.


Jesus spoke of another kind of harvest. He spoke to people who were in a place of spiritual curiosity and who were searching for someone, something more. He instructed his disciples to be ready to engage with those who had questions who were seeking, who questions about life and faith.


It doesn't matter whether you are physically hungry or searching on a spiritual level. At London Colney Baptist Church we would be delighted to welcome you, to listen to your story. If you are physically hungry then the Food Bank will offer you some food. If you want to ask more questions about faith then we'd be happy to listen and explain a little why we think following Jesus is important.