Invisible 6 Days a Week, Incomprehensible the 7th

Last Saturday our family went to the cinema for a treat. It's something we do and enjoy fairly often through the year. When we arrive I head straight for the 'pick n' mix' sweets and purchase an assortment of jelly sweets. Then we settle into our seats in the auditorium which are located this time one row from the back. We enjoy the trailers, curious to know what else is coming out and then wait for the opening credits to role. It is at this point I become distracted by a slight problem.


It was one level up from 'faint' but I could hear music over the tannoy system which wasn't related to the film. I tried ignoring it for 20 minutes but then had to go and find a steward to see if they could deal with the issue. Nothing happened and the short end of the story is that I had this music distraction throughout the whole film. The Team Leader I mentioned it to after the film was fantastic and gave us complimentary tickets for our troubles.


I find in life there is always something that can distract me from what I am doing. At times, these distractions can be quite loud and other times they play quietly in the background. Focussing on what I need to do, want to do is not always straight forward.


With the new year underway it is often the case for many people they attempt to adopt a new challenge or re-visit an old challenge. The intention is not to be distracted.


I wish you well with whatever you have undertaken but perhaps this new year there is another opportunity you may want to explore? Maybe it is something you have wanted to do and would have if it weren't for those distractions? The idea was to enquire more about God and the Christian faith. Follow up those questions in your mind. If so, then feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear from you. My contact details are on the left or you can locate our FaceBook page. Alternatively we would love to see you on a Sunday morning (10.30am).


                                          Happy New Year!!!