Invisible 6 Days a Week, Incomprehensible the 7th

An anonymous saying I stumbled across lately said, "You can't buy happiness but you can buy books". It would be a good title for a debate or for question to reflect upon. During this season of "lockdown" we all have aspects of life we are missing but for many the space and time to catch up with hobbies such as reading more has been welcomed.


Ministry requires me to keep up my own reading for my personal development. My bookcase is overflowing with books covering a broad range of subjects. Occasionally  I have to have a purge of my books and pass on the ones I no longer use or need. The good thing is that when I do this it leaves space for new ones! One of the more helpful habits I have found is to mark in my diary specific time for reading. I could easily use my time doing other stuff and setting aside time for 'work' reading has been beneficial. Despite this I have found I am not so good at reading for fun, for leisure unless I am on holiday.


Over the last 4 months there has been more time to read for fun and leisure and it has been a real treat. To begin with I worked my way through the Amos Decker series written by David Baldacci. Decker is a dectective who suffered a sporting accident and is now able to remember everything. Handy in his line of work until we realise there is a downside to it all as well.


To remember everything, all the beauty but also all the ugly things seems God like. An ability to hold everything in the mind seems only possible for the Almighty. On second thoughts perhaps it's an ability I probably do not want after all. The Bible does mention though one example of where God chooses not to remember and to forget. The prophet Jeremiah writes, "I'll wipe the slate clean for them. I'll forget they ever sinned, decrees God". Stop for a moment and read this again. God will forget your sins and brokenness. Incredible!!


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