Invisible 6 Days a Week, Incomprehensible the 7th

The first time I started going to church it was becuase Dad wanted some peace and quiet. It was Mum who took my brother and I to this place which was church but not held in a church. We met in the local community centre which also hosted cinema evenings, dances and exhibitions.


Over the years of going to this church but not in a church I developed some great friendships. Many of these I still value and benefit from today, 35 years later. I received each Sunday morning with a variety of attitudes over the years but as I grew older the questions about faith and life stacked up.


Sunday mornings were vibrant, full of people who were passionate about this faith centred on Jesus. The songs/hymns used echoed this vibrancy and passion and the preachers made the ancient text of the Bible seem relevant. The trouble was that as I hit my early teens the questions did not subside. I had to decide for myself whether there was any truth to what was being said. if not I needed to get out of there!


I'm unsure of the actual time and place when I said to myself there was enough truth to the claims about Jesus, his demonstration of love for all of humanity by dying on the cross but then being raised from the dead. This is the central message to the Christian faith and also the meaning of why we celebrate Easter. To me it was worth believing in and I had begun my journey of being a follower of Jesus.


All these years later I hold onto this faith despite still having many questions and doubts to wrestle with and work through. It's not just that I'm a 'Professional" as my wife says but that I still believe Jesus is worth following.


Everyone at LCBC has their own story of how they came to be a follower of Jesus. We meet at 10.30am on Sunday mornings and welcome anyone who wants to explore this faith or is wrestling in life.