Invisible 6 Days a Week, Incomprehensible the 7th

Upon meeting new people I am often asked what I do for a living. When I respond by saying a 'Pastor/Vicar' another question follows to why I chose this pathway. Sorry, there's no short answer but I will do my best to summarise below!


In many ways listening to 7 year olds read does not feel like work but it is how I spend my Tuesday mornngs. At this age Children vary in reading abilities but they all have this simple sense of delight when they get to read to a 'grown up'. I love that such a simple thing to do in offering to listen to children read brings such enjoyment. In turn I find this rewarding,


My role as Pastor/Vicar also enables me to sit with and listen to what is going on in people's lives. When they share good news, for example they have a new job, have been given the all clear for a medical issue I too feel I can celebrate with them. I also have the privilege to walk with people who are going through tough times and what constantly amazes me is the courage individuals demonstrate even in the face of great trials.


The Churches Together Food Bank is another place where I meet inspiring people. Being able to offer food to the hungry is afterall following in the footsteps of Jesus. This Christmas we (the four churches) organised a collection of Christmas goodies and created Christmas Parcels for 44 individuals and families. Our community responded in an overwhelming generosity. It was mind blowing. There are people we know in London Colney who will have a slightly better Christmas because of all our contributions.


In ministry there are of course the different festivals and 'high days'. Christmas for me is perhaps my personal favourite. It reminds me that although the dazzling lights, the feasting and presents are fun they are not at the root meaning of the festive season. God becoming flesh in the form of Jesus to communicate love and hope is.


If you would like to come and explore the deeper meaning of Christmas then you would be most welcome. Details of our Christmas services are on the front page of our website.


Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has crossed my path this last year. My life has been richer because of it and I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.