Invisible 6 Days a Week, Incomprehensible the 7th


It's award season for the TV and Film industry. Our family prefers the escapism of super-hero movies so most of the films we watch on a Friday night are unlikely to get a mention at any ceremony. A good super-hero film is full of fun and offers more than just big special effects and intense action scenes. Sometimes we get to see the humanity behind the characters who defend the world from the 'baddies'. This genre of film is, more often than not, predominantly male but there are some great examples of female super-heroes and last year's 'Wonder Women' film was received with critical acclaim.


My family includes, strong, intelligent, beautiful and influential women. However, I along with every other man in society is being asked at this time an important question. One about the world we live in. If we truly want a world that promotes equality and peace we need to assess what we can do better. It has become a worrying trend in our news that we see more examples of how men have had their sins exposed especially the ones where women have been dehumanized, belittled and under-valued. Whilst the rest of us men probably sit there and say to ourselves we aren't like 'them' at all. But perhaps we have fallen short? Maybe there are things we should have done or said to help women but didn't. I'm not convinced it is only myself who has to admit this.


Two thousand years ago in Israel, society was heavily patriarchal and women were treated as second class citizens, a commodity. Today, in some places things haven't changed.


When Jesus began his ministry he was proactive in seeking to acknowledge that women, along with men, are "made in the image of God". In the figurative writing of Genesis, Eve was a gift to Adam. Not a possession but as a helper with equal status and a companion. Jesus welcomed women, gave them a platform to shine. It was Jesus' women disciples who were there when he was crucified after all his male disciples had deserted him. On the first Easter day, it was to women he first appeared to when he was resurrected.


There's so much I could say, should say here but maybe I'll write these things down in future posts. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to ask questions about the above or anything else to do with our Church community. I'd love to hear you comments and story.

Jesus & women